Welcome.  Let me introduce you to My Nantucket.

I have been deeply involved in Nantucket’s community for 20 years.  At the same time, it’s warm and welcoming, and like any community, can feel difficult to access.  Eventually, Nantucket opens up to anyone who wants to be a part of it….

My Nantucket is so much more than Main Street – although that’s part of the amazing sense of history.

Why is My Nantucket so special?

It’s sophisticated.
It’s casual.
It’s beautiful.
It’s rooted in history, yet draws forward thinking people.
Its people are intelligent, diverse, and often leaders in their field.
It’s filled with creatives, entrepreneurs and passionate people.
It’s a place where you meet the most interesting people.
It’s connected. People give what they can to important causes and take care of their own.
It’s the most amazing community I have ever experienced….

It’s OUR Nantucket.
It’s Home.

Here, we know people in layers.

We meet someone on the beach, the next day at a fundraiser, then find ourselves pulling up a bar stool next to them when we stop in for “quick bite” and end up enjoying the conversation as much as the food.

It’s filled with people who have fallen in love with the island and move here, “for a season” or return year after year.
It’s the community where landscapers, baristas, and yoga teachers are friends with their clients.
It’s the island where people try to leave. (After all, it’s a big world.) But the community is like none other. It’s magnetic. Like a big rubber band, we are snapped bACK.

Because there’s no place like home.

Sara Boyce

Photo courtesy Katie Kaizer

Sara Boyce has been developing luxury brands on Nantucket Island and consulting with clients who look for marketing strategy for 20 years.  Her passion is bringing people together to connect and expand.  An ACKtive member of Nantucket’s community, Sara brings her love of creating exciting, unique experiences and her bright, friendly personality to every interaction.  With a big-picture view and her attention to detail, you will find yourself accessing the best Nantucket has to offer – stunning beauty, world class culinary experiences, all with a laid-back, sophisticated vibe.

Before starting Elite Retreats Pro, Sara launched and brought The Brigham Galleries to international recognition, worked with the Nantucket Wine Festival as it grew from a tented event in a parking lot to one of the world’s gems of a wine festival, Chaired the Nantucket Historical Association’s prestigious August Antiques Show and introduced Design (now re-named Nantucket by Design) and made the event relevant to a younger audience, and helped various businesses and organizations expand their market, business, and client base.