Nantucket is a magical place and it is no wonder National Geographic voted Nantucket “Best Island in the World”.

Every Elite Retreat blends Nantucket’s history with its natural beauty and talent of the extraordinary people who live and visit the island.  People who appreciate quality are drawn here – to create and be inspired.

It’s true; many of the people who are homeowners or who call the island “Home” came for a short visit and did not expect to stay.  Vacationers often fall in love with the island and return year after year – sometimes for generations.  Believe it or not, it’s similar to being seduced.  People with no intention of developing a relationship with the island end up falling in love, with the beauty, the people, the restaurants, the beaches, the activities, the creativity, and the community.

Nantucket has world renowned events at a community level.  All of the listed events are open to the public (although you may have to purchase tickets), enjoyable for anyone who is interested in how a small town, 30 miles out to sea, continues to attract many of the world’s leading management, celebrities, second home owners, and people who love to connect.

Come for an Elite Retreat and stay for a short (or long) vacation….

Extend your stay to experience some of Nantucket’s amazing events!