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Corporate Retreats

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Corporate Meetings

Looking to engage and inspire your team of elite leaders or clients?  An Elite Retreat is the perfect solution.  With plenty of time for meetings in a variety of locations, Elite Retreats will also custom craft a 1-5 day experience for your team.

Nantucket is a location your team will want to visit for an annual strategic session or Board Meeting.

Step away so you can… 


Get to know each other better, out of the office.  Stronger personal relationships lead to increased trust and collaboration.

Improve communication by spending quality time together.  Clarify Goals.

Dine, Golf, Team Build, Sail, Adventure, and Explore in your free time.

Elite Retreats creates custom itineraries that include just the right amount of meeting time, balanced with activities that can strengthen and enhance relationships with your team or clients.

Fancy a round of golf, a group sail, or a fishing trip?  Learn how to cook freshly harvested scallops or learn more about wines or cognacs?

No problem.

Have Spouses that enjoy relaxing on the beach, exploring, shopping, or health and wellness treatments?

Bring them along!


Improve Communication

Clarify Goals

Strengthen Relationships



Client Retreats

Wooing new clients?  Collaborating with existing clients?

Spend time getting to know them.  What is important to them.  How you relate.  How you communicate.  What they are seeking.  Nine of 10  of C-Suite executives anticipate increased collaboration with customers in 2017 – 2019.*  Discover how you can solve their pain point. Elite Retreats will design a series of activities, meetings, and events where you can best get to know your client.

Celebrating the closing of a deal?

Nantucket is an elite destination, yet still easily accessible to those in the tri-state area.  With an endless variety of events that satisfy a wide range of interests, the island is an easy choice for an Elite Retreat to build and/or strengthen relationships.


*PMI, The High Cost of Low Performance.  2014

Team Building

Let’s assume: you’ve selected everyone on your team, using a rigorous system of evaluation. They’re good.  Really good.

Yet, you feel you could be more unified, more aligned, more of a team. 

It doesn’t matter how good each member of your team is if they don’t share your vision.


Leave your routine environment.  Go somewhere new.  Be inspired by a series of shared activities and strategic exercises.  Re-constitute those relationships.  Re-establish the communication.  Re-focus on the goals and team mission.  Re-charge and Re-new.

Connect.  Achieve.