Highly intelligent, the Octopus is a chameleon that can hide if necessary or shape shift (a 30-foot octopus can fit through a hole the size of an orange) as necessary.  The Octopus relies on its natural gifts to:


A sea creature known for agility and ability to travel great distance, it is fitting that Elite Retreats launched on Nantucket.


Not only does the skin color of an Octopus change to communicate different emotions, but has heightened sensory awareness: they have exceptional sight and can feel, taste, and sense through their skin.


Adept at not being trapped, an Octopus will pause and use its innate gifts of intelligence, perception, and attuned senses to shape shift and emerge from constraining situations.  In a dangerous situation, the Octopus is able to prioritize the end goal of safety and spontaneously sacrifice an arm.