Elite Retreats designs bespoke events to achieve your goals.  From the moment your clients, team, or organization arrives on island, you will experience VIP treatment, in Nantucket’s casually elegant tradition.


There are many wonderful places to stay on Nantucket.  Depending upon the size and purpose of your Elite Retreat, we will recommend the ideal hotel, boutique B & B, private home or estate to meet your needs.  We work with a wide network of real estate specialists.

Meetings | Venues

Meetings are a focal part of many retreats.  Elite Retreats knows of the available meeting rooms and spaces for your meetings, depending upon seasonal availability, goals, and the size of the Retreat.  In addition, we have a variety of creative and out-of-the-ordinary locations and events to surprise and delight your team.

Thought Leadership

Want to change perspective?  Include Thought Leadership in your retreat.  Inspiration breeds more inspiration and Nantucket serves as a magnet for talented and passionate people.  It is not uncommon to have dinner at the bar of a local restaurant and sit between a local craftsman (who might have a Ph.D.) and a C-Suite manager you read about in the Wall Street Journal.  Elite Retreats will work with you to incorporate appropriate Thought Leadership to achieve your goals.

Lifestyle Experiences

Elite Retreats Pro works with a select number of clients during the summer to curate an exceptional summer vacation experience.  Packages are available that include clambakes, entertainment, private health and wellness instruction, experiences for children, and select concierge services. Click HERE for more information.


Many call Nantucket the “Culinary Capital of the World”.  Certainly, it is possible to eat your way around the island, with over 60+ restaurants, a wide array of Private Chefs and unique venues to fit any mood and group.  Dining is always an important part of an Elite Retreat – and often we include tasting events or cooking classes.


Having been involved with Nantucket’s Arts & Cultural scene for over 15 years, Elite Retreats is practiced in creating exceptional experiences with the island’s top talent.  Some options include: a solo Latin guitarist, a jazz trio, an energy lifting band, a dance performance, artisans, craftsmen, architects, designers, or speakers who are known locally or internationally. There is a network of passionate professionals who are happy to share their passion.


Whether you like to golf, fish, dine, practice yoga, or tour the island on a running, walking, biking, or SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board tour, Elite Retreats will create the experience with Nantucket’s most qualified people and locations for you.

Wellness Specialists

Nantucket has a wide range of extraordinary wellness specialists.  Enjoy some of the finest wellness, relaxation, and beauty treatments Nantucket has to offer.  This might include specially arranged appointments with estheticians, traditional, Thai or Energy Work Massage Therapists, or private yoga classes.  Elite Retreats maintains a wide network of specialists to add a luxurious and relaxing element to your retreat.


Whether you desire to rent a fleet of cars, or utilize vans or taxis for transportation, we can arrange transportation that is most efficient.

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