Elite Retreats is committed to creating exceptional experiences for Businesses, Professional Associations, and Elite Groups. We handle all of the details, so you can maximize and enjoy your time on Nantucket.  Just the act of coming to the island and enjoying the beauty brings inspiration.

This is why people (including much of America’s upper management) returns year after year.

There is a reason our Retreats are ELITE.  Even those new to Nantucket immediately understand why National Geographic voted Nantucket the “The Best Island in the World“.  The casually luxurious lifestyle on this beautiful island celebrates an incredible history and draws forward-thinking people who enjoy an exceptional level of quality from around the world.

Each experience is unique.  You will experience some of the best of Nantucket – both the obvious and the hidden treasures – while connecting with others in ways that just do not happen in the daily working environment.

Our 15 years of excellent working relationships allows us to select those who rise above and deliver consistently exceptional results.  We look forward to working with you to Design an Experience that will allow you to Explore, Connect, and Expand.

Hello and Welcome.

My team is an exceptional group of professionals who come together to create each custom designed Elite Retreat. They represent some of the most talented people on Nantucket, each with their own expertise.  However, as with any locaion, it takes a local expert to identify who the hidden gems of the community are and where to find the exclusive opportunities!

Since, 2001, I have been developing luxury brands on Nantucket Island and consulting with clients who look for marketing strategy.  Through the years, I launched and brought a Fine Art gallery to international recognition, worked with the Nantucket Wine Festival as it grew from a small festival under a tent in a parking lot to one of the world’s gems of a festival, took on the project of introducing Design into the Nantucket Historical Association’s prestigious August Antiques Show (now called Nantucket by Design) and made the event relevant to a younger audience, and helped various businesses and organizations expand their market, business, and client base.

Through it all, I have created elite events for businesses and non-profits. At heart, I am a networker. I thrive on bringing people together, building relationships, and creating situations where we all connect and expand.

Why Nantucket?

My family started started vacationing on island in the early 80’s.  In 2001, I came to Nantucket and experienced the independent-minded people of this tight-knit community, recognized the incredible opportunities, and chose to get deeply involved and make the island my home base.

I look forward to sharing Nantucket with you on your Elite Retreat.

Sara Boyce

Photo Credit: Katie Kaizer Photography